Youth Sports and Foot Health-Calcaneal Aphophysitis (Sever's Disease)

At Kinetic Foot and Ankle Clinic the most common youth sports concern we see is calcaneal apophysitis, which you may have heard referred to as "Sever's Disease."  The name Sever's disease can be misleading because it is not truly a "disease," but a painful inflammation that occurs from repetitive stress. It presents in children as heel pain, and you may notice that they limp or try to walk on their toes in order to avoid putting pressure on their heel. Unlike heel pain in adults, this pain does not improve with activity such as walking and may in fact make the pain worse!

Children and Adolescents who participate in sports which involve constant movement, running, and pounding on hard surfaces such as basketball, soccer, or track are particularly at risk for developing calcaneal apophysitis.  Diagnosis is confirmed with x-rays, which we can perform onsite. Treatment can vary based on severity, but it frequently starts with reducing activity. In the more severe cases this can also mean immobilization to allow proper healing to occur.  Unfortunately, young athletes can experience a return of calcaneal apophysitis up until their growth plates are closed.

Our best advice for avoiding calcaneal apophysitis is to choose well-constructed supportive shoes, and limit time in cleated athletic shoes (if possible). Calf tightness can also contribute to development of calcaneal apophysitis, so encourage regular stretching after practices and games! We certainly hope your young athlete can avoid calcaneal apophysitis, but if you do notice heel pain in your child or adolescent don't hesitate to call and make an appointment with Dr. Marc House at Kinetic Foot and Ankle Clinic.  


Dr. Marc House is a foot and ankle surgeon at Kinetic Foot and Ankle Clinic who treats pediatric and adolescent patients from all over the Denver Metro Area including Parker, Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Englewood, and Centennial. If your child is experiencing foot or ankle pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Marc House at our centrally located office in Aurora, CO.

Kinetic Foot and Ankle Clinic Our office staff works with Dr. House to curate content that is relevant, helpful, and interesting to provide you with insights, updates, and facts about foot and ankle health. Dr. Marc House is a foot and ankle surgeon in Aurora, CO serving patients from all over the Denver area.

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